Why is Change so Difficult?

Why Is Change So Difficult? “I never meet nice men! They’re all jerks!” This was a frequent complaint of a patient of mine named Cecilia who I worked with early in my career. She was a 25-year-old Portuguese woman who had a pattern of unhealthy relationships with men. Some of her boyfriends were selfish, narcissistic, and unconcerned with her happiness and well-being. They ignored her at parties or social events, and would forget sometimes to pick her up entirely. Some of her boyfriends had been downright mean, calling her insulting and degrading names. On one occasion, she had a boyfriend who was physically abusive toward her, and the police had been called by neighbors...

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Welcome to My Blog!

Aloha Friends, Colleagues, and Patients, I am happy to announce that I will be maintaining and updating a regular Blog about my clinical practice and matters that I think may be interesting and useful for those who visit site. I welcome any comments or feedback on topics covered in the blog, as well as suggestions for future topics. I have been asked many times over the years to start a blog, and that this may be helpful  to share information and communicate on psychological topics. In the spirit of health and therapeutic well-being I ask that comments and questions should be kept positive and encouraging. From time to time, I may present some aspects...

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